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Benefits of Honed Granite Countertops

If you're installing a granite countertop in your kitchen, you might focus on the colours and patterns rather than the finish of the benchtop. But rather than going for a glossy, polished counter, why not consider a honed finish? The rock is buffed to a soft sheen that gently reflects light rather than a polish. Consider the following benefits of placing a honed granite benchtop in a kitchen.

Natural Appearance

A honed surface shows off the granite's textures, colours and speckles better than a polished finish. Shiny surfaces tend to show reflections from around the kitchen, so the actual rock is not highlighted in the same way. The softer sheen gives the counter a rustic, organic look as the stone looks more like it does in its natural state rather than being manicured.

Hides Blemishes

Highly polished counters tend to emphasise scratches caused by accidents and acidic foods. The imperfections in the shine stand out. A benefit of a honed finish is that blemishes and damage are less obvious on the matte surface.

Durable and Easy Care

A granite countertop is durable and easy to care for. Granite is much harder than stones such as marble. However, make sure to use cutting boards and trivets for hot pots and pans. Additionally, you'll need to seal a honed counter more frequently than a polished one. This is because a honed surface is more porous, so it can allow water and food to enter the surface more easily than otherwise. Additionally, make sure you clean the benchtop with a soft cloth and cleanser recommended by your installer.

Colour and Pattern Choices

If you choose granite, you'll have numerous colours and designs to select from. A piece of this rock combines several colours, like cream, grey, gold, and blue. Some counters are dramatic with high contrast, pitting black against gold, for example. Others benchtops more subtly blend shades of grey. Thus, you can choose a modest or bold countertop to harmonise with your kitchen decor, whichever you prefer.

Thus, honed granite stone benchtops offer many benefits. The soft, glowing sheen brings out the natural textures and colours and shows off the organic quality of the rock. Additionally, blemishes won't be as apparent on a more matte finish. With granite, you'll have a vast choice of designs and colours to harmonise the rock with your home. Make sure, though, to seal the counter regularly as recommended to prevent damage.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about stone benchtops.

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