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Redesign Tricks for a Small Kitchen Space

Many people would prefer to have a larger kitchen so they can cook more comfortably, entertain in the kitchen and store multiple cooking utensils and cooking ingredients without a problem, but sadly, the size of a kitchen is not within the control of most people. What people can do (but rarely commit to) is to take the time to think about a kitchen redesign that will make the most of a small kitchen space. If you are about to give your small kitchen a makeover, here are some tips that will help you to make the most of the space you do have.

Multiply your cabinet space.

One of the big problems of a small kitchen is storage space. Often it is the kitchen cabinets that bear the brunt of this pressure, having to contain everything from pots and pans to copious ingredients for dinnertime meals. Often cabinets are long, and it's only the bottom half of the cabinets that are actually utilised to their full potential. In some cabinets, you could potentially split the space into three with shelving dividers, resulting in three times the space you originally had.

Create a visual illusion.

Depending on the way a space is decorated and designed, it can feel small or large. This tells us that there are certain visual tricks it can be really handy to know when designing a small space. The one trick everybody knows is reflective light. Of course, hanging a mirror can open up a space, but a kitchen space is not necessarily the place where you want a mirror. Instead, think about glossy kitchen cabinets that reflect light or even shiny tiles on the ceiling that create an illusion of more upward space. Another trick is to switch out your small flooring tiles for larger ones. Small tiles create a sense of a cramped space, whereas large tiles will open the floor up.

Create an island.

Many people think that small kitchens shouldn't have islands because they take up floor space, but depending on the shape of your kitchen it can totally work. In a galley kitchen, it may not be the best idea, but a small square-shaped kitchen can pull off an island. What's more is that the island can be designed to be hollow with shelving inside, so it not only becomes an additional meal prep or dining area but a storage unit at the same time.

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