How to Create the Best Bathroom

3 Bathroom Accessory Trends To Consider For Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms serve a vital purpose in the home, but these days they're no longer a purely functional space. In the past, bathrooms were fairly plain and their design wasn't given as much consideration as other rooms in the home. A lot more is expected of modern bathrooms, and the continuing popularity of elegant, stylish and beautiful bathroom designs is evidence of this.

If you're planning a bathroom renovation, the bathroom accessories you choose, such as vanity items, towel rails and tapware, play a large role in creating the desired finished product. Here are three stunning and contemporary accessory styles that will all make a fantastic addition to your new bathroom.

1. Stone accessories

Stone has always been a popular material in home decor, although it's traditionally been used for benchtops, wall tiles and flooring. Modern bathroom design now commonly features accessories that are also made from stone. These are a great way to use a natural material that will work with virtually any style or colour palette.

Vanity items such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and soap dishes can make a sculptural and visually interesting addition when they're made from stone. They can be square or rounded and can be made from light stone, such as limestone, or darker stone, such as granite.

2. Matte black accessories

Another big trend in bathroom design is a matte black finish for metal items. This includes accessories such as tapware, towel rails, shower heads and door handles. Generally, this look is achieved by powder coating a base metal such as aluminium or steel with a fine, even layer of matte paint.

Matte black accessories make a strong, contemporary statement in a bathroom. They look amazing in monochromatic, minimalist bathrooms but work equally well if you opt for a more eclectic look with a bold colour palette and the use of decorative patterns. Matte black accessories are also ideal if you hate cleaning fingerprints and marks off glossy metal finishes.

3. Aged metal accessories

Aged metal has been a hot trend in interior design for several years and looks set to stay that way for some time. It helps to give a bathroom a feel of rustic elegance and helps to add subtle but flattering colour to a room with an otherwise neutral palette.

Copper accessories make beautiful additions and are like evolving works of art as they develop their characteristic green patina over time. Other metals, such as brass, brushed aluminium, rose gold and burnished silver are also popular choices. Aged metal can be used for most bathroom accessories, including tapware, light fittings and vanity items.

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