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4 Reasons to Add a Floating Wood Floor During Your Next Kitchen Renovation

If you want to bring the elegance of wood flooring to your kitchen, genuine timber boards and laminate aren't really the best options. However, a floating wood floor might just work. Floating floors are installed over existing surfaces, and they are snapped together using a tongue and groove method rather than nailed or glued.

Here are just four reasons why a floating wood floor works wonders in the kitchen and why you should consider it during your kitchen renovation.

1. Fast and Easy Installation

Kitchen renovations have lots of moving parts. You may be changing everything from the refrigerator to the benchtops, or you could be changing the room's entire layout to include a kitchen peninsula or island. The floor really needs to be done first, so speed is of the essence. Since adhesives, nails and screws aren't necessary, floating floors come together quickly. This has the additional advantage of keeping installation costs low – you can even take care of the job yourself.

2. Cost Effective

If you're undergoing or planning a kitchen renovation, you should already know just how expensive it can be. With that in mind, you'll probably want to save money where you can, and floating wood flooring is a great way to do so. Despite possessing the visual appeal of traditional hardwood flooring, a floating floor is very cost effective, so you'll have plenty of money left over for your appliances, countertops and anything else you might fancy.

3. Handles Moisture Changes

When you're choosing kitchen flooring, you need to keep in mind how often that flooring will meet moisture. Whether it's splashes from the sink, spilt fluids or the cleaning agent you need to mop up after dinner, moisture changes will be frequent. Traditional hardwood flooring will swell and contract under such conditions, which can cause damage. A floating floor will also expand and contract, but the entire floor moves as one thanks to the tongue and groove method, so floating floors cope with moisture well.

4. Extremely Durable

You might not think it, but your kitchen floor probably stands up to more stress and strain than any other floor in your house. It's a popular room that's used every day, often by multiple people at once, and it's somewhere you'll often wear your outside shoes. As such, your flooring needs to be strong, and a floating wood floor fits the bill. Combining moisture barriers with scratch-resistant layers and other underlying layers produces a highly durable floor that stays looking its best for years to come.

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