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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Stone Splashbacks

When it comes to choice of the material for splashbacks, stone remains the best option in complimenting the style of your kitchen or bathroom. If you are considering doing a remodel or renovation in such spaces, you will find useful reasons as to why you should go for stone splashbacks listed below.

1.    The material is durable

While tiles are the traditionally used material for splashbacks, they offer little choice regarding style and will require regular maintenance. Glass splashbacks are trendy but will need a measurable amount of care, as they have durability shortcomings if not adequately maintained. They are also quite expensive. Pressed metal splashbacks are equally costly. Stainless steel is easy to clean but is prone to scratching, a situation that cannot be avoided. Stone splashbacks are durable, and you have a choice of marble and granite. If you are looking for sophistication in the kitchen, stone is the material to go for.

2.    Easy to clean

In comparison to the other types of material, stone splashbacks are easy to clean. You will only need a damp piece of cloth and soap to wipe off any stains. However, you should avoid using any abrasive material that may scratch the surface. 

3.    They are a flexible décor choice

Some splashbacks are only suitable for a particular style of kitchen or bathroom. For example, glass splashbacks would only be a good fit for modern kitchens. Stone splashbacks, however, can be used in traditional as well as modern styled kitchens. 

4.    They can be used as continuity in your décor

If the surface of your bathroom or kitchen is stone, for instance, quartz, you can opt for the same style and colour for your splashback. This will give you an excellent style continuation from the surface all the way to your walls, leaving the space looking great. A stylishly done kitchen will have a splashback that compliments the style and colour of the benchtop.

 Bathroom splashbacks, as well as kitchen splashbacks, are a great way of creating style and theme in the house.  These fixtures are also functional; you would have to spend a lot of time in trying to clean the walls to remove stains. Opting for a stone splashback is the surest way to get durability and aesthetics combined.   Stone does not fade or chip and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Besides, stone is natural and environmentally friendly.

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How to Create the Best Bathroom

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