How to Create the Best Bathroom

New Home Ideas That May Actually Add Value to the Home

When having a home built, remember that not all features you want to include will actually add value to a home, as some add-ons may appeal to you, but may not affect the home's actual value. Building a home with its value in mind is important even if you don't think you'll sell your new home anytime soon, as added value will mean more equity over the lifetime of home ownership, and that equity can be borrowed against when you need a personal loan. Note a few ideas you might discuss with your builder for ensuring your new home actually retains its value over the years.

Adding natural light

Natural light to a home can often increase its overall value, as natural light can make a home seem more welcoming and attractive. Large windows can be one way to do this, but also note the placement of walls. If you add large windows in the family room in the back of the home, you might eliminate plans for a wall between the family room and dining room, to allow that light to reach more areas of the home. Consider, too, adding skylights where possible, as these can brighten up a long and dark hallway, a backroom, and other such space.


Expanding closets, or making them more functional, can often add value to a home. If you already have a plan for a large closet in your master bedroom, add built-in shelving, dividers, and other features to make it more functional. Knock back a wall in the bathroom to add a second linen closet, and expand the hallway closet to hold more coats and shoes. Even if you only add a closet in the hallway with shallow shelving and sliding glass doors that holds linens, or that can be used just for shoe storage, this can mean more organization in the home and an increase in the home's overall value.

Finish rooms

If you're planning a mudroom, laundry room, basement or attic in your new home, invest in the cost of drywall, floor tiles and ceiling tiles to finish those rooms; this might then add value to the home overall. In a mudroom, add built-in shelving for books and pet care items; do the same in the laundry room, so you can better organize detergents and other products, and also add a station for ironing and steaming garments. A finished attic or basement can serve as an additional bedroom or family room, and this can easily add value to the home.

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How to Create the Best Bathroom

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