How to Create the Best Bathroom

2 Stunning Ways To make Your Freestanding Tub The Superstar Of Your New Bathroom

Freestanding bathtubs are one of the biggest and most enduring trends in modern bathroom design. They are available in a large array of different shapes, sizes and materials and their popularity means that there are also plenty of more affordable models to choose alongside the more expensive designer versions.

These stunning additions add a touch of luxury and elegance to a bathroom and turn what is a ubiquitous feature into a striking centrepiece for the room. If you're planning to add a freestanding tub to your bathroom during your remodelling project, then here are two fantastic ways that you can make your beautiful bathtub the superstar of the bathroom.

1. Frame it with a decorative tile feature wall

Whether you choose a classic white freestanding tub or opt for a darker colour like granite or slate, the monochromatic tone can be framed if you add a decorative tile wall behind the tub. The neutral colour of the tub will really stand out when contrasted with the colourful and ornate tiles. This look is even more effective if the rest of your bathroom is decorated with a neutral palette.

There are many different tiles that you can choose from depending on your tastes. Hand-painted tiles in a Moroccan or french provincial style are a beautiful and timeless choice. Multi-coloured mosaic tiles will add a vibrant and contemporary look to your bathroom. If your bathroom is on the small side, mirrored tiles look gorgeous and can increase the feeling of light and space in the room.

2. Elevate it with a plinth

Another great way to make your freestanding tub stand out as the focal point in your bathroom is to elevate it by adding a raised plinth underneath. The plinth doesn't need to be very high to achieve this, 20 to 30 centimetres in height is ample. Make sure that the width and length of the plinth allow enough standing space around the edge of your tub to make getting in and out safely.

If you're having a concrete floor installed in your new bathroom, then you can get your contractors to create the plinth when the concrete is poured. If you're using your existing floor, then a sturdy timber frame can be used to create the plinth. The plinth can then be covered with either tiles of your choice or timber if you'd prefer a more natural and warm look.

For more information on bathroom renovation, contact a local professional.

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